Shopping online is one of the safest processes to make a purchase. The consumers are physically, fiscally, and socially safe in online stores. The online stores, such as the Anabia’s Collection bring in the finest designs for its customers. They have the liberty to check the entire stock and also take the tailoring solution. Further, Anabia’s Collection utilizes a safe payment processor that guards the payment details of the customers.

Every brand that Anabia’s Collection has on its racks are completely genuine and authentic. We source these products from authentic channels that are the direct distribution partners of the manufacturers. Hence, you will have the peace of mind on your every purchase.

In several ways, consumers save while shopping online. First, they do not have to visit the market to shop for something. That means the traveling expense goes down to zero. Then they do not have to put the effort into scrolling the racks. That simply reduces the fatigue as you shop in comfort. Further, Anabia’s Collection offers lucrative discounts and deals very often. This is one of the main benefits of shopping online.

To learn about the discounts and deals, sign-up for the Anabia’s Collection newsletter. That will keep you on the track of any upcoming sales and rebates. Along with that, you can subscribe to our social channels to not to miss any sales spree.

Anabia’s Collection ships everywhere in the world (with a few exceptions). If you are visiting our online store from any international location, feel free to place an order, as it will be shipped to you. Further, we accept every type of card.

Buying online is like fun indeed. But if you look into the benefits of making a purchase online, you will find nothing more convenient. It is a speedy process that enables you to have your items delivered without even visiting a shop. Further, the customers can track their orders and know exactly when they will receive them. Along with that, buying online will also make you eligible to save your time when reordering the same items again. As your purchase record remains in our system to assist you with the reordering process.

While placing an order, you need to put the general details, like your full name, address, and contact details. Additionally, we suggest reviewing the information before submitting it to avoid any inconvenience.

Anabia’s Collection offers a series of discounts and deals. You can subscribe to the newsletter to stay updated with the discount sessions and sales seasons. Further, you can also join our social pages to be on top of the sales and discounts.

Delivery charges vary from location to location. Every location has a different price. Before you place the order, you will be able to review the shipment charges.

First of all, we apologize for the inconvenience caused by the damaged order. You can reach out to our customer services team to replace the order, by sending them an email or filling out the form at the contact us page.

Initially, such cases do not happen as we are very vigilante in every order that we send out. But still, if you have received a wrong order, you can reach out to our customer services team. They will be pleased to help you out. You can reach them through phone, email, and by filling out the form at the contact us page.

All the product information is provided below the product description. Click or tap open the product you like, scroll down to the description, and there you will see the product size.

For standard shipping, you should receive your order within 4-5 business days.

All the items in our online store are on no return basis from the distribution channels. Certainly, we apologize, orders cannot be exchanged.

Anabia’s Collection currently accepts Cash on delivery, Visa and MasterCard.

If you have question regarding our online store (ordering, account questions, technical questions), please contact contact@anabiascollection.pk.

On pricing and shipping related issues you can contact customer support at support@anabiascollection.pk call +92 315-115-8589.

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